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Jul 28, 2017

Capes and Lunatics Special: Geek Blindspot Roundtable
Do you have a blind spot in your genre knowledge? Do you not know the difference between a magic wand and a sonic screwdriver?  Sam & Dean compared to Harry & Ron?  Do you think Hunger Games is what the people on Survivor do to earn an extra plate of mush?  With so much entertaining content available it is easy to miss the train on a show, a series, a movie or even a whole genre of entertainment.  In an epic cross over episode, Southgate Media brought together 5 of it’s podcasts hosts in a roundtable discussion/confession of their blind spots.  Please join Phil, Kevin, Chris, Lilith & Jesse as they share the shows/books/games that they have never seen, enjoyed or watched.    Please let us know you Genre Blind spots.

Phil Perich @Nightwingpdp

Lilith Hellfire @lilithhellfire

Chris Mau @blueboxcafe176

Kevin Long @theswamppit

Jesse’s Twitter @JesseJacksonDFW