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Jul 29, 2022

Full Stream Ahead Ep #137: Ms Marvel Episode 3

Charlie and Mozz review Ms Marvel episode 3 “Destined”


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Jul 28, 2022

Avengers Declassified Ep #13: The Mighty Thor #168-#171 (Summer of ’69)

Welcome back to Avengers Declassified! This week, Charlie and Phil review The Mighty Thor #168-#171 (September-December 1969) featuring the first origin of Galactus and the threats of the Thermal Man and the Wrecker. PLUS: reviews of NEW issues...

Jul 27, 2022

The 3rd Best Southgate Episode #2

Join Phil and Lilith as they chat with Rob about a variety of topics

Rob’s history in podcasting

Ezra Miller, Chris Pratt and superhero movies

Star Trek

Podcast techniques and business practices

ADHD vs creatively gifted

Video games

and MORE!

As usual, keep hope alive.  #FreeCharlie

Jul 26, 2022

Ultimate Spider-Cast Ep #187: Spider-Man Unlimited #12, Spider-Man #69

Welcome back to Ultimate Spider-Cast!  This time Phil, Rey and Dave review Spider-Man Unlimited #12 wrapping up (for now) the mystery of the Spider-skeleton, Spider-Man #69 the epilogue to Blood Brothers and Spider-Man Team-Up #3 featuring the ...

Jul 25, 2022

Capes and Lunatics Ep #271: Jackson Lanzig & Collin Kelly LIVE From SDCC 2022

This week your geek guides chat with special guests Jackson Lanzig and Collin Kelly LIVE from San Diego Comic-Con 2022 about their work on Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, Batman Beyond: Neo-Year, Aquaman & The Flash: Voidsong, and their...