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Jul 31, 2020

Agent Carter S2E1: The Lady In The Lake

Charlie and Mozz review Agent Carter season 2 episode 1 “The Lady In The Lake”.

Show notes: The Lady In The Lake: Full Stream Ahead Episode #36

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Jul 29, 2020

Helstrom Speculation, Agents of Shield S7E9

Charlie and Phil discuss various topics including:

Helstrom hits Hulu October 16

Stargirl S1E10 “Brainwave Jr”

Agents of Shield S7E9 “As I Have Always Been”

Star Trek: Prodigy coming to Nickelodeon

Is Donald Glover going to star in a Disney Plus Lando series?


Jul 28, 2020

Nightwing #26-#30, Birds of Prey #8: 80 Years of Grayson

Phil and Kristen review Nightwing #26-#30 (December 1998-April 1999) and Birds of Prey #8 (August 1999) featuring the return of the Huntress, Superman visits Bludhaven, and Dick sweeps Babs off her feet.

Show notes: Nightwing #26-#30, Birds of Prey #8—80 Years...

Jul 27, 2020

Amazing Spider-Man: Sins Rising Prelude #1, Daredevil #21

This week your geek guides discuss:

Walking Dead season 10 finale gets an air date

Law & Order SVU talk

Spider-Man 3 gets a new release date

What’s going on with HBO Max?

The Boys season 2 set to premiere September 4

New comics including Amazing Spider-Man:...

Jul 22, 2020

Empyre #1, Fantastic Four #21

Charlie and Phil discuss various topics including:

Peacock and the Universal monsters

Helstrom on Hulu

Give us the Mcgee-averse!

Agents of Shield S7E8 “After, Before”

Stargirl S1E9 “Brainwave”

New comics including Avengers #34, Immortal Hulk #35, Empyre #1, Fantastic Four #21