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Aug 30, 2017

Superconnectivity #147: Charlie Esser, Ad Man
Charlie & Phil discuss various topics including:
-Rob Southgate stops by to discuss important Southgate Media Group happenings
-Is Charlie softening on the Inhumans?
-Are movie serials returning?
-Generations: MIghty Thor & Unworthy Thor #1 and Thor’s status in...

Aug 29, 2017

Capes & Lunatics Episode #15: News for the week of August 26, 2017
This week your geek guides are joined by special guest Rob Southgate to discuss various topics including:
-Marvel Legacy backlash
-Starfire has been cast for the upcoming Titans TV show
-Defenders follow up
-The Tick
-DCEU hot mess
-Superman movie nerd...

Aug 23, 2017

Superman vs the Elite with James Cole

A weekly discussion of the TV shows Supergirl and Krypton. Episode recaps, news, analysis, and predictions are all discussed on this weekly show.  

Learn more, subscribe, or contact us at  You can write to us at and let us...

Aug 23, 2017

Superconnectivity #146: Immortals Don’t Care
Charlie & Phil discuss various topics including:
-The Defenders are here!
-Are the Defenders the modern day Seinfeld gang?
-Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra
-The women of the Defenders
-Charlie Esser podcast update
-Stick gives the Hand a hand
-Possible Defenders/Agents of...

Aug 22, 2017

This week your geek guides discuss Marvel’s The Defenders and much more including:
-Defenders review
-Batman & Gotham
-Inhumans schedule and budget
-Agent Carter & magic in the MCU
-New Harrison Wells for The Flash Season 4?
-Richard Dragon cast for Arrow Season 6
-The Disney/Netflix situation
-Mr Fix-It & MCU hair...