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Apr 15, 2024

Capes & Lunatics Ep #328: Spider-Man - Shadow of the Green Goblin with J.M. DeMatteis

This week your geek guides Phil and Lilith chat with returning guest and friend of the show J.M. DeMatteis about the first issue of his new miniseries, Spider-Man: Shadow of the Green Goblin, his upcoming works including Batman, the...

Jul 27, 2023

Marvel Tales Ep #30: New Warriors #1-#4

Welcome back to Marvel Tales! In this episode, Phil and Justin review New Warriors #1-#4 (July-October 1990) featuring the formation of a team with “Heroes for the 90s” Night Thrasher, Marvel Boy, Firestar, Namorita, (Kid) Nova, and Speedball against the threats of Terrax the...

Jun 22, 2023

Marvel Tales Ep #25: The Evolutionary War Part 4

Welcome back to Marvel Tales! In this episode, Phil and Justin review chapters 6, 7 & 8 of 1988’s big event, The Evolutionary War from X-Men Annual #12, Web of Spider-Man Annual #4 and West Coast Avengers Annual #3 featuring the X-Men and the High Evolutionary’s...

May 28, 2018

Agents of Shield Season 5 Finale, Luke Cage Season 2: Superconnectivity Episode #186

Charlie and Phil discuss various topics including:

Comcast vs Disney

Agents of Shield Season 5 finale and time travel physics

Will we get a larger Deadpoolverse including a Cable solo movie?

Will Avengers 4 feature time travel retcons?

May 16, 2018

Arrow S6E22, Despicable Deadpool #300: Capes and Lunatics Episode #52

This week your geek guides discuss various pop culture topics from TV, movies and comics including:

TV renewals and cancellations

Family Guy vs American Dad

Agents of Shield’s place in the MCU and will it survive the cancellation monster

The Big...