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Aug 31, 2023

Marvel Tales Ep #35: Return of the Defenders Part 2

Welcome back to Marvel Tales! In this episode, Phil, Justin and special guest Russell review Part 2 of “Return of the Defenders” from Silver Surfer Annual #5 and Doctor Strange Annual #2 (1992) featuring the original Defenders Hulk, Namor, Silver Surfer and Doctor...

Aug 29, 2023

Ultimate Spider-Cast Ep #244: Scarlet Spider #3 & #4


Welcome back to Ultimate Spider-Cast!  This time Phil, Dave and Rey review Scarlet Spider #3 & #4 (May & June 2012) featuring Kaine making new friends in Houston as the Assassins Guild prepares to strike. PLUS: discussions on the Secret Invasion tv series and...

Aug 28, 2023

Chichester Chats Ep #23: Nick Fury - Agent of Shield #20-#23

Welcome back to the Chichester Chats! In each episode Phil and Lilith chat with writer D.G. Chichester about one of his comic book creations. This time the group discusses the return of Baron Strucker in Nick Fury: Agent of Shield #20-#23 (1991). The group...

Aug 25, 2023

Full Stream Ahead Ep #190: I’m A Virgo S01E02 The Universe and My Spirit

Mozz and Lilith review I’m a Virgo season 1 episode 2 “The Universe and My Spirit”


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Aug 24, 2023

Marvel Tales Ep #34: Avengers West Coast: Assault On Armor City

Welcome back to Marvel Tales! In this episode, Phil and Justin review “Assault On Armor City” from Darkhawk Annual #1, Avengers West Coast Annual #7 and Iron Man Annual #13 (1992) featuring Darkhawk and the Avengers West Coast uncovering a conspiracy as...