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Jul 31, 2023

Ultimate Spider-Cast Ep #240: Scarlet Spider #1 & #2


Welcome back to Ultimate Spider-Cast!  This time Phil and Dave review Scarlet Spider #1 & #2 (March & April 2012) featuring Kaine as the new Scarlet Spider, the protector of Houston Texas. PLUS: discussion of SDCC 2023 news including Marvel Legends figures, the new...

Jul 28, 2023

Full Stream Ahead Ep #187: Poker Face S1E9 Escape From Sh*t Mountain

Mozz and Lilith review Poker Face season 1 episode 9 “Escape From Sh*t Mountain”


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Jul 27, 2023

Marvel Tales Ep #30: New Warriors #1-#4

Welcome back to Marvel Tales! In this episode, Phil and Justin review New Warriors #1-#4 (July-October 1990) featuring the formation of a team with “Heroes for the 90s” Night Thrasher, Marvel Boy, Firestar, Namorita, (Kid) Nova, and Speedball against the threats of Terrax the...

Jul 25, 2023

Ultimate Spider-Cast Ep #239: Amazing Spider-Man #172-#173 & #182-#183

Welcome back to Ultimate Spider-Cast! In this episode, Phil and Lilith review Amazing Spider-Man #172 & #173 (September & October 1977) and Amazing Spider-Man #182 & #183 (July & August 1978) featuring the first appearances of Rocket Racer,...

Jul 24, 2023

Chichester Chats Ep #22: Daredevil - Black Armor SDCC 2023 Announcement

Welcome back to the Chichester Chats! In each episode Phil and Lilith chat with writer D.G. Chichester about one of his comic book creations. This time the group discusses the announcement from this year’s San Diego Comic Con of a NEW Daredevil...