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Oct 24, 2019

Watchmen S1E1: Who Podcasts The Watchmen? Episode #11

In this episode Phil and Tyler review the first episode of the HBO Watchmen series and it’s place in comic book and real life history.

Show notes: Watchmen S1E1: Who Podcasts The Watchmen? Episode #11

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Watchmen S1E1: Who Podcasts The Watchmen? Episode #11

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In a lifetime warranty where he can get their link on our Website Southgate Media Group Thought Cau- we'll step aside came some lunatics brought to you by tweet audience awesome headphones tweet audio dot com and Coupon Code Southgate's gets thirty percent or off route fifty place in the eighties so they're trying to make this sequel doing it now so I guess that but I think I don't really it goes because it's like I I like the idea that the cops you fall to wear masks and reflect elements in the book that we're not in the film you know some of it being squid more in depth the squid also joining me as always is tyler is right EC Tyler it's been awhile but we're back because inspecting what about you yeah I mean it's more brutal hatred towards things so this is weird so this seems to be following the Com- the original comic book series not the movie being the big part and you know more about Rohrschack at the type of person he was because the movie tone down some of his racism and Weird because they see you know in the original story and book like it was so massive and this is all funneled down to Tulsa Oklahoma Mo- yeah I episode of watchmen draw. HBO and I'll know I'll say I don't think he wasn't what I was and we'll get it yeah I mean looking thing here I guess it said there were talking about twenty which is a neat concept special just the uniformed officers and then we'll take some of the detectors stuff have more of an identity the vigilante superhero but no let's like she still working for the police so I don't know I'm curious but it's like does this feel like it earns the title of Watchmen Bee's like again it seems very different in you know definitely hitting more on the race ISM and I'm like you know it's kind of I don't I'm curious to see where but it's it's interesting just because I said like the film you know New York City and we see the fastness of do they clock is the book sequel to watchmen in which we're getting you know some of our characters like fight la or something exactly and that's why I was thinking you know that the series would be set somewhere like New York because Washington the story take implicit watch in New York and I think the one thing I'm kind of I don't WanNa say I'm missing yet is I like the idea of the cops wearing masks there's my beautiful wife walking across living he just missed mind coming over from where So I mean you know unique location being Tulsa signed as a sequel to the not the movie I was reading today it's like you know it's worth pointing out there are certain elements to this series but you know part of watching was the idea of these figures who were not sanctioned the Vigilante Heroes Komo we say clock it's kind of like a follow up to Debit Doomsday here's taking place in the nineties there as well like you know you had more heroic acts of night owl so specter as your quote unquote regular superheroes but we don't have that the biggest watchmen tie other than the reference of what he called men in modern I wonder if it's just easier because they don't have to do a period piece and it's like okay we can use stuff like self heard and all they have to worry about that because even I thought the character is at night none something like I thought her character is going to be that or something not just watch because you know they sit there and you a watchman TV series like you're thinking okay based on the but this series is mass that group the seventh cavalry he know basically using Rohrschack is like their idol and their symbol is the it's kind of like well I mean it is one episode but it just Kinda makes me think like could you just tweak some stuff here because again like we were like we were saying about you know like all again we're talking about Ilker and Ivan listened the crypt on report your show today with the joke review and how it could Jeremy Irons character is at Trinite teases with who he is but we pretty much know who he I thought they confirmed is in green he is kind of watchmen esque like using the the yellow for the masks and ORCA just be a show about a vigilante you know the Rohrschack they're like you know the background stuff the newspaper I mean and some of just the the imaging need like futuristic stop with one row in we can I mean if I'm trying to think back when they when they did the original watch and it was released in the eighties and if he is Adrian just and then I thought you know what about characters like Knight Knight Phil Spector they'd be what in their seventies with yeah yeah with a real life event the at that the race riots in Tulsa in what is it nineteen twenty one yeah awesome year I mean I mean I mean the timeline works their kids can even be running around to yeah exactly that would be I don't know it'd be I would love to see I heard you talking about me and about how old you just take take out certain elements and doesn't even have to necessarily be joker movie like this I mean you could take out yeah like to me the series have been great if it took place on the nineties but why the jump to modern day what's the significance of doing a watchman sequel look at look at a couple of different sources all I've seen episode though that's assume I mean if you weren't Milwaukee dead for season resilient and then we have a new rohrschack doctor Manhattan basically into the DC universe yet even the comedians getting reference so we'll look at the books before watchmen okay heavy-handed telling the stories before the events of the watch book K with all the characters that would appear in Washington so yes on Mars so we'll we'll see you know I can kinda improves like is the watchman story so tethered to these characters like this is watchmen is that I don't mind the new characters like but it's like something that feels more it's in the story but I into much with six episodes Kinda keep the pacing quicker but I'm I'm interested I just want or eighties now the I don't know if they were safe forty nine thousand nine hundred eighty that another thirty in the book of the different characters and this is in a small town yeah so it's like how how's the rescue I'm like this is in Tulsa can you imagine like New Yorker Cahiers I mean I'm interested I mean I thought it was I mean the the the race rights Tulsa at the beginning really oh yeah that that starts off yeah that's what I thought and then I read somewhere like well to happen said for sure but it's pretty much that's who he's supposed to be like it makes the most sense at works the best now if people were I mean kind of like we we said with you know we did Pennyworth like you cut out a couple of middle episodes taint so this is like another probably I mean I wish okay so first of all I wished the series is called after watchmen in nineteen twenty one I saw one review that compared that to cal's escape from crypt on the child his you know they put you know the two parents we are falling characters in different areas that were experiencing the same kinda thing like you know the cop in Tulsa somebody in New York allies for people not no surprise almost like the CIA but now it's trickled down but like the local level just about the parents sending off with you know a better place and I love that he picks up the baby and Cina kings character but I think that per grandfather because I was looking at the Synopsis For the episode that I think it's like the last episode of the season in third fix it something about her I can't do child endangerment I mean again it was the twenty rarely twentieth now I mean can you imagine if like something happens Eugenia you know just like yeah well yeah and I think the fact that that would be the one that gets out I have a feeling that's going to be well what's African-amer we'll say she is still lying to her husband he thinks she retired but she didn't Gilani so I thought it was interesting that basically police officers are like superheroes in the sense that they have to create secret entities who it is and I find that interesting I find it interesting the fact that if you're on call it watchmen earn the watchman Monica like maybe if it was multiple stories going on at once yeah I mean yeah you can definitely see you're just the idea of you know the notes the father gives hello sailor exactly sir you know to protect her and I was sitting there watching this like Dang like I'm like I'm like is a recording tonight so all right but I did I saw reveal wanted to ask you about the winning the whole Tulsa thing like you're talking about the race nothing about her grandfather's journey or whatever some bet you that grandfather so is it only six episodes and everything means a just amy hoped you in and I didn't think I'd like Soy Meat Regina's kings character cassettes yeah I mean I think it's a good way to go like trying to figure it out and unless the inequalities commit the six the seafood taken turn things watchmen series either we could just be like a exactly like what makes it so key the a six seven episode season Tan and it would have flown like together better so yeah I mean it makes you wonder off the reservation so it's kind of interesting because then people who live like do they realize that they don't like they don't know who police officers are not like well somebody's a cop we heart and then the cop going back to his car and the fact that we learned that they don't have their weapons that's a have authorization to have their weapons she's has she retired from the police force I thought that's where we late is what she was she retired but then was gonNA pick up as the if I retired so it makes sense the bosses over because she used to work with you I was her her boss in her friend because you know they 'cause it's Kinda muddy where they kind of it's like Oh yeah and released actually use them for the time he gets his pistol the redneck person pulled over did the cops the power of anonymity the you've taken away their locker guns yet and we even see later on when the the police officers aren't even allowed to be just wonder if this is all a you know the cops we ask than stop it's like are we going to get more vigilantes again because the president read for yeah that was Kinda Funny Robert Redford was president for thirty years like if they're good on the radio there have you discussion about you can't apply to have a weapon at home like the waiting list super long to have a gun in your oh yeah so that was interesting so it's just little things that we're learning about the world like you know a the alternate history I bet his her husband though she was a cop because I mean the boss over for dinner and they were right but she has the cover of that was kind of hard but I will say that I'm intrigued by some of the things like looking glass is are doing and the guy gets pulled over first of all he's a racist listen day like hip hop it's so funny looks like such a redneck listened in the rat it's just it's just the point it's like yeah you guys outlawed Jalen teeth guess what you need them yeah like you know you've you've long story and I think we all get different things out of it and maybe what you read what you got out of a before watchmen a he still believes she retired she has the whole fake bake shop thing going well I think that's a cover just because like we like the cop we get shot you know towards the beginning you'll have electric cars but then they had like she had like a pager and then okay so let's go back to the beginning when we get some Nixon was president for five hundred learn from that so yeah yeah and then I generally felt like the way it was directed was taints with him walking up the COP walk into the was cool just because their cages we relating to spend time with what I mean I'm I like what I saw the first episode it should be called watchman this series where she called after watchman or watchmen aftermaths or something in that vein do like a new president can we not have them basically these long periods of terms you know like of dimensional squid attacks that was like the aliens that attacked us that united the world early Charleston's feedback it's like maybe just like sucking thus what my fingers now I did you have a story that kind of spun out of Washington but said mean is you know nobody can be listening in and yeah there was just like well old Dan so I'm I'm really I'm intrigued I'm I'm intrigued enough to kind of go with only six episodes amid Angel I dr Manhattan however is still persona non grata world apparently the synthetic lithium created by talk Manhattan is seen as a major carcinogen like the character of Dan driver can expect and what and what he represents the new night out like that'd be awesome night out three you know something to where it feels ask all yeah the Tilburg or yes like you just silver sucks to his face sling sick reflective you can't squid rain that was interesting so we learned that somebody something is still keeping up with the it just made it better or didn't like some of the before washing stories row k.

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some of them were I really liked the doctor Manhattan Upton Center quit or you know about they were going to go to Oklahoma Yeah and he's Oh yeah yeah okay so it Kinda was muddy tomorrow with the major he's like they've been paid for two hours yeah pager pages the books and felt that hindered hurt will watchmen was but I think sometimes you gotTa look at watchmen book is a very layered squid through time and space has consequences so why don't you go ahead and bring on Charlie's feedback talk talk about it it is interesting personal theory after escaping every prison he was put in he finally consented design one for himself with happy robot servants the quest hello we're back guess what time it is it clocks back to podcast the watchman I am Navarre shacks journals throw up in the air was published or simply passed from person to person after the fact that squid rain is thought to be a conspiracy suggest people know the initial I think all the cops have have like cover stories now like that guy who's going to night school and spouse and but ray his wife knew he was a police of like okay so with the whole let's say let's go at your Miatas by he's rich and powerful and supposedly in Russia run at the end of it will look like does age does it hurt the legacy of watchmen or not like it's kind of you know some people and where you're connected but yet you're not the heart of the story is wonderfully subverted white supremacists Harris the real threat but the original political rights remain our NCAA We assume ozzy mandates packed with stage but that it was a government conspiracy suggest people don't do everything in his journal really a great way to pull people in there the producer saying he certainly was cursing the theme used to make a cancer bomb really appreciate that the real world white supremacist massacre in Oklahoma was made central to the story tear subplot yeah pock permanent for he says it seems that definitely stemmed from the comic unit there was curse smacks of desperation have mentioned that Vira him Oh and the cops are using surplus Leitao Tech is Cole makes me wonder if the second night out work to see kind of the world but I don't know what we're in the first step but remind me before we get often here that dot Charlie sent me some feedback and he wanted to join us so that would be mass produced those or somehow they got their hands on like the last one see I'm I'm curious just in the sense I didn't realize that is designed can make real bang selling it right thousands that yeah the cops use a face archie yeah for his part of the starting shot down with machine like wow it's that bad the society is that different than league needed a you know watch the rest of it was good but psych are retarded dislike trading off the watchman name exactly and that's what I'm capacity intimidating mask just like interrogating the guy and try an telling the ways pupils dilate that never saying I rather than the movie Universe Henson Squid Ring because once you shoot a squid through space and time it is going to have downstream effects downstream Maggie Charlie Accu is a known criminal psych at you know his his journal Gets Publicized Journal got published in a right wing newspaper Radimov fundamental I think you're cutting along the route that where it's like no matter where he great job at the scores it fits well I mean visually I think the the show takes cues from the book but also I feel like it it it takes cues from the movie as well and what I'll say is this work is awesome it's really good but like it Gilani's or something that likes the night l.

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it's a night out gang or something that do good you know check just tried to ruin him well he would never do this he has the money and the power and the clout to make sure that he doesn't get convicted or any kind of really kicked up I think when she suits up comes out in her car leases like makes me is what he represents he's kind of the the comedian ask foil with what happens to his he was he was the chief so I mean that is that is kind of the thing is like you have these radical anti-government established people who are looking at Rohrschack Vicario the jail I don't think might went jail because remember the rest of them were like oh no we gotta keep he's like he's like yeah we got to live out this otherwise the world's going to go to war again cleaning doing good for the world he's loved and beloved all Rohrschack just tried to tarnish him rose wanted to see who directed the pilot episode Kyrie but no and then there was that weird guy in the wheelchair who kit who as spoilers kills Don Johnson what's the series can remove they've done film composer singer on past couple face films in new that line is GonNa come back on it that way because he sees her outside the bakery and he's like two hundred pounds he didn't out everybody he did know what's GonNa Happen when they got device he just realize they figured out what was up to you they dropped his journal Office they were going to adopt exactly but I do like that it's like conspiracy the Kennedy murder and stuff like that yeah so some of the some people believe it some don't in like three parts nine inch nails yes it's triggering yeah Yeah Trenton resident addict upticks Oh yeah I forget when they put a link up I forget what they said it's coming out but yeah they're putting out that the score I think sometime soon by I think they would coffee you know he found the murdered girl's and he was so overwhelmed with like just get like just the sadness and a herd of what he found Monday black lightning Tuesday flash Wednesday era Thursday that women Fridays tights which I think is with the deer his ENAMI's I'll I'll watch it at ten o'clock live but yes Sunday night is like now journalism and they formed this group and it would be cool if maybe we sell some people who formed a group of policing we don Johnson was really good all the I was really surprised by Tim Blake Nelson I like to watch it again so I wanNA watch we had a chance to so much and that's when Rohrschack wasn't GonNa get along with them and blue and it's not like you in Russia Journal stated Oh night out when long within wound up so we try to get her the bed I but yeah his his character I'm kind of curious warriors in ago yeah I mean under pounds late doesn't sound like a whole lot I mean in the on so that nobody Solomon the what what do I say what about Don Johnson green light yeah you know he's done a lot of dramatic roles anything but he looks different in is interesting as looking glass I pack so much on Sunday night now just at nine o'clock last night it was supergirl watchmen wotton dead.

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I forgot that came on at nine o'clock it'd be Kinda cool it'd be it'd be neat if he used to be that's how he got wheelchair because Dan any savings really older some so in an actor that I was first introduced in the movie homes as the doctor and then of course what's up how your buddy one video in your nightmares wait no don't mommy said now excite you know and then legends will come back but you know like space it out a little bit Satan enjoy show at a day Burke Rohrschack Journal worshippers was a lunatic yeah he was in jail when everything and like Charlie said something about yeah it seemed like there was a lot but it's like what will happen yeah and everyone thought it was him that did but he did I mean he he it'd be one is he going to be a former vigilante or something because even busier night I totally forgot it was Sunday night last night seems like a lot of the shows they just like pack these networks packed with a lot of shows in St Gosh just play and then you're going to go fetch that is so he's not feeling that Drake's time you might not feel it till later we're vigilantes back should I mean that's part of the original yeah wasn't sure what I thought of putting Regina King in this but she really job asking I love the police costume things just enough to be the best yeah Oh yeah I'm looking on the wikki saying it was it was confirmed that irons would betray Adrian Vite Ozzy Mandela's yeah he is day Thursday now let's see no I would love to have a week where Sunday this is my this is my dream Reagan carry Sunday Super Girl Yup sir she she is listed as area uh-huh Caceres Just can be like you know brand new master villainous it's like winning some sort of winning more connective tissue and again even the car the car's can again I was like wait a minute I was like what what's the police boat where what's the police budget in Tulsa I mean they again they she was epic is a share say like the cost you oh I totally love her interesting but yeah I mean this thing is intrigued enough to watch more of a almost but we'll see I can't believe we killed on Johnson in the first episode well I wasn't like I said I feel like he's going to be like the comedian does every precinct Pavla you know how our ship in like she had like a little bat cave under the bakery drinks listed as Mary wait a second among I know but you see the the guy who plays Korea made is that the guy in the wheelchair excites their say lose gossip juniors in this house like wait a minute have we not seen him yard guy in the wheelchair it's part of this thing and it came up later I almost I almost didn't have it recorded so I can record the nine o'clock when the luckily they've replayed at ten o'clock so I just reported that one in him and is he the one that actually did it or is it be kind of like that maybe Johncock you know if you ever saw the green mile where John Okay world building but like rebuilding oh I thought I recognized Mr Phillips he's he played in the IMDB treat after go back and watch it 'cause he's he's list says Mr Phillips is also listed as mine we also have Mrs Krueger blew it was a counterfeit CGI Monday Tuesday or aren't right used to be like you know what I was talking to Louis I'm Mike I liked when the air versus to be you know one show Monday Tuesday when title somebody's just weird.

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Yeah next week says Marshall Feet of Comanche horsemanship not Mike Watch Ito unless we're the first episode answer sometimes when you're watching TV form one upset time so that's her along again to this is the first episode they had to