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Nov 26, 2015

s2e7 The Flash - s4e7 Arrow - The Flash/Arrow Power Hour

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-Honor the REAL Harrison Wells.
-Speed Dampener.
-Who is Zoom? Henry? Jay? Eddie?
-All portals lead to Earth 2.
-Gorilla City.
-Will Barry tell Patty the truth about who he is?
-Is Grodd sympathetic?
-Zoom’s closet.
-Wally West is coming!
-Brothers, Brothers, Brothers!
-Diggle is angry.
-We need better flashbacks!
-Island death trap & how long will it take Oliver to sleep with that woman on the island?
-Cool fight scenes this week.
-Oliver the Green brother.
-Thea’s date.
-Laurel understands Diggle.
-Oliver needs to be Mayor.
-Is it realistic that Laurel’s a good of fighter as she is now?