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Nov 3, 2015

s2e4 The Flash - s4e4 Arrow - The Flash/Arrow Power Hour
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-New Firestorm.
-Are we just setting up for Legends of Tomorrow?
-The perfect “Fire” storm.
-Is this the new Firestorm or Cyborg?
-Cisco’s shifting shirt.
-Iris’s mom & her mystery son.
-Zach loves Patty Spivot.
-King Shark.
-The illegal pipeline prison is back!
-Earth 2 Harrison Wells, Good or Evil?
-Weaker voiceover?
-Why isn’t Cisco rich?
-Is the island booty call central?
-Are some of the plots easy? (Like Oliver?)
-The Cops were plot devices.
-Sara’s return.
-Darhk’s box, what’s inside?
-Is Team Arrow still too big?