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Oct 13, 2015

-The Singularity rewrites things.
-Iris is good now!
-Will Firestorm return? Only Robbie Amell knows.
-Did we see Atom Smasher or Bane?
-Who is Zoom?
-Will Cisco name all the Earths?
-Is Cisco seeing other Earths?
-Is the confession part of a plot by Reverse Flash?
-Why did Henry leave?
-How rich was Harrison Wells?
-None of Ollie’s neighbors know who he is?
-How big is Diggle’s helmet?
-Where is Ted Kord?
-Abercrombie Assassins.
-Damien Darhk—What’s his endgame?
-New Headquarters! And where is Ted Grant?
-Who’s buried in the grave?
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