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Jun 1, 2015

Flash: -The final Flash/Arrow/Firestorm vs. Reverse Flash fight
-Should our heroes have guessed Eobard Thawne was in Star Labs?
-Peek-a-boo vs. Iris
-Have the show writers given up on Iris?
-Attack of “a lot of hair” Caitlin!
-Will we see 1 of the Green Lanterns next season?
-Metahuman vacation spot on Lian Yu
-Captain Cold—King of the Puns
-Metahuman road trip
-Is the TV version of Golden Glider misnamed?
-Captain Cold & his Rogues!
-Eddie & Iris’s relationship: Gone for good?
The guys talk about the 1st trailer for the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow spin-off show
Arrow: -Oliver+Felicity in season 3=NOT GOOD!
-Dreaming in a plane
-Ra’s al Ghul’s chinese finger trap
-Felicity outing super heroes
-Who’s Damian Dark really?
-Quentin Lance: Off the wagon again!
-Felicity: Master of the ATOM armor
-Ra’s al Ghul dies happy
-Will Huntress return in season 4?
-Merlyn: Chinese finger trap leader of the League of Assassins

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