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May 6, 2015

Zach, Tyler & Phil discuss s3e21 of CW's Arrow and s1e20 of The Flash. 
The Flash:
-How many time travel paradoxes will there be?
-“The Spark” between Barry & Iris
-Whose side is Gideon on?
-What is the Reverse Flash’s REAL motivation?
-Will the real Harrison Wells please stand up?
-Is Iris in love with Barry?  And why does she always seem 3 steps behind everyone else?
-Why does seem Oliver is more Batman than Arrow?
-Who is Damian Dark?
-The Nyssa/Laurel friendship
-What’s up with Thea’s MC Hammer pants?
-Evil Oliver=shaved head?
-Ra’s al Ghul: pimp to the Justice League?
-Oliver Queen=Man Slut
-How will Sara be resurrected so she can be on the spin off show (Legends of Tomorrow)
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