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Jul 26, 2017

Capes & Lunatics Episode #10: SDCC 2017
This week your geek guides are joined by special guest Kelly Fitzgerald to discuss all the new out of San Diego ComicCon 2017 including:
-The new female Doctor Who & female Clone spin-off
-Krypton trailer
-Iron Fist season 2 & Comixology Iron Fists digital first series
-The real Steve Rogers will return in Captain America #695 written once again by Mark Waid
-Who are DC Comics The Terrifics?
-Ben Affleck: Batman No More?
-Nightwing movie & Teen Titans live action TV show
-The Doomsday Clock begins to countdown November 22, 2017
-Wonder Woman Earth One vol 2 & Arkham Asylum vol 2 by Grant Morrison
-Death of Superman & Reign of the Supermen animated movies
-Netflix A Series of Unfortunate Events
-New Spawn movie announced
And much, much more!!
Show notes:
Capes & Lunatics Episode #10: SDCC 2017
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